How to save fabulously with Groupon

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If there is one thing I love, I love to save! Yes, save! We all do, right? Being a wife, mommy, and a  friendsistercousin, ok that’s so not a word but you get it. We women are everything! We do and take care of mostly everything. We run businesses, manage households, kids activities and birthday parties and we never really get time to ourselves. You need time for yourself to just relax, rejuvenate, and refresh. But so often, those pamper-me-moments get pushed to the side. You want to look and feel fabulous but your budget is saying, ” No, girlfriend, not today!” So yes, saving is a very big deal to me and my family.


That’s why I love Groupon! It allows me to save big! There are a lot of  local Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons in our area. You can now  have that amazing spa day you’ve been promising yourself. Yay!!!! Groupon is so easy to use. Simply download the app, add an email address, then start saving. The app is FREE! and there are no membership fees involved. See, that’s a saving right there. Save the deals you love and shop for the ones you love. Go now and download the app! Don’t delay the savings!  From date night to weekend family trips, life has just gotten a little easier and your budget is thanking you for that.

Now, How do you save with Groupon?




It’s your right to #vote

We are less than a day away from one of the most important days in history. Election day is Tuesday Nov. 8th. If you are registered to vote, PLEASE VOTE! I can’t stress enough how important it is to get out and Vote. It is your right, your civil duty to let your voice be heard! Do not let what you see in the media keep you from voting tomorrow. Exercise your right as an American and vote, vote, vote! I know we have all watched this campaign…rather we wanted to or not. It was plastered all over the media. Mostly, not so good things were said & done. And what’s more interesting in this campaign is the fact that regardless of what was said and done, we still have to choose a President, obviously despite what their qualifications or backgrounds may present. And frankly, making the decision this year, is probably one of the hardest I had to make in all my voting history. 

I want to make sure you are well informed on when and how to vote. My concern is not who you vote for but that you vote…period. I answered a few questions below to help you navigate your #ElectionDay.

Do you…

Live in Florida and Need to know your voting status? Visit MyFlorida and simply put in current info.

Need to know where to vote? Visit to find your Election Day polling place location and get directions. 

Know what time the polls are open? Polls are open 7am-7pm Tuesday November 8, 2016

Need childcare while you vote?  YMCA of Florida’s First Coast will offer Free childcare services on Election Day, giving busy parents and guardians the opportunity in getting to the polls much easier. If you would like more information or to sign up click here

Know what candidates will be on the ballot for President?  Well, if you thought it was just Hilary Clinton and Trump running, think again. You do have choices. Now, most are not on every ballot in every state but their are others running for the oval office. Click here to see a full list of those who are running.

Remember to get out and vote tomorrow! 

Kitchen Sparks!🇺🇸

Celebrate this 4th of July holiday with your family, friends, and fun food! To get the sparks flying in your kitchen, check out some pretty cool American flag inspired appetizers, drinks, & sweet treats!


Do you have a favorite holiday dish? Great! We’d love for you to share with us! Send in pictures of some of your amazing American flag inspired dishes or desserts. Photos will be shared on our Facebook page. Get creative, have fun!

#HML xoxo

25 ways to get organized

While searching for ways to get better organized, I found some really cool but inexpensive ways to get your “LIFE”, organized that is! I really love these great ideas to organize my house. To whomever thought of these, BLESS YA! You are a God sent to us who have no clue and see disorganization as an overwhelming slight manic depression causing disease. Like, I have literally just given up before because it was just too much. So when I saw this I just knew I had to share.

#HML xoxo

Beauty in a Hurry


Manage your daily “get ready” routines by making an eyeliner template with a post-it note – this is such a good idea for when you’re in a hurry! Great for beginner make up artist!  –

#HML xoxo