Lost in Motherhood: Where are you? (part 1)

I’ve written this first line several times and hit backspace several times. The truth is, I have questions myself, like, What do I say? Where do I start? I have started, stopped, re-started, re-thought, re-planned, re-focused, gave up, gained perspective and still couldn’t pull myself to set out to do the things for myself that I needed to do. I find myself trying to find balance everyday. Trying to find the perfect moment to write, to think, to progress, to plan, to do. Often times I simply try and run so far from this blog and my business but I can’t seem to let this go. It’s like there’s a mission that I must accomplish.

The pass few years since starting this blog and brand, my life has been one big world wind of various situations that I found myself (and my husband) in. And although physically I survived these situations, it seems that, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally I haven’t been the best at sustaining myself in those areas. Some days I wake up and I’m ready to take on the world. And then there are some days I just don’t want to face the world. And then there are days where I’m mad at the universe because my stars haven’t aligned. Most days I walk around stuck in between thoughts of business, motherhood, and self preservation amongst other things. I do know that often times I find myself at the mercy of others and what they need. Not to detour here but I absolutely love helping other people, that in essence helps me. And you can quote me on that! I seem to thrive off of helping others. Which brings me back to the whole point of this…Why I started this blog. And Why can’t I just let go of fear and just do what I’m passionate about and be happy expressing myself.

I remember as a little girl I would always “run my mouth” ( per my mom) but that was often met with little words like, “don’t pay her attention , she just talking” or “stop talking so much”, especially in school. By the time I got out of school, I had developed a slight discipline to only speak when spoken to, and to not speak/talk so much, especially around people I don’t know. Fast forward to today, I’m often quite shy and fearful. I have a hard time meeting new people and developing relationships through shared conversations. I went from being the kid who loved to win debates in class, to an adult who often hides from situations that requires talking and sharing difference of opinions. And just to keep it real, there are family members who would debate this because yes, around them, I am a talker! And with a wide range of opinions, most times unsolicited! But that’s family! I want to finally be able to share and be myself, not who others think I am suppose to be. I can only be motivated and inspired so many times to step out on faith and just keep going, so this time around I am going to give my all to being the best version of me no matter how many flaws, fears, and tears I have to share. No matter what I go through or went through in life thus far, I believe that there is a greater purpose to living and learning in your truth. And I hope that by doing so, I am able to inspire other moms to live their truth and love who they are and what they have. There is so much more to motherhood and I’m looking forward to this long but loving journey. I now look forward to really connecting with other moms who may share the same daily woes and struggles as I have. Being a woman and a mother is not easy, I totally underestimated as a child, what being a woman and mother is all about. Is motherhood a life you could really prepare for?  How do you find yourself when you feel lost in motherhood? As I explore this, stay tuned there’s more to come.

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Be Glam-Free & love it


I must admit, although it feels good to look fabulous, it feels really really good to not look so fabulous! Sometimes its a good thing to just kick back & relax with no need to style your hair or get all dressed up. I really enjoy those days. And sometimes a little too much! Here’s to the Glamour-free days!

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The Domino Effect


As women, no matter our roles, we have to get to a place where we don’t view ourselves as superior to our mates or male counterparts because we are just more sensitive & emotional & need more tlc. I remember saying to my husband, more times than I should have, that “I don’t need him and “I could make it on my own” and “I can do bad all by myself”. The truth is, I should need him, I shouldn’t have to make it on my own & neither should he, and I mean, who wants to do bad all by themselves. When I really sat and thought about this, it was mindblowing. First thing is my husband needs me a whole lot more & I should be honored to be there for him so that he doesn’t have to make it own his own & he too can do bad by himself but he clearly isn’t selfish enough to want to. He would rather love & need me to be there to pray him through it. And it’s true, I need my husband to love & care about me. I have no desire to make it on my own, although its just hard trying to figure out how to make it together sometimes but I think it makes it all worth it. And although the saying “I can do bad all by myself” sounds good in the heat of a moment, the reality is, I don’t want to do bad & definetly not all by myself.
I understand that in certain situations we must make life-changing decisions. But we must fully understand the domino effect it could or will have on your family. Simply the words we choose to speak around or about the mate to  the children or anyone else has a direct effect on the lives of the children & males involved. Let’s be mindful of the words we speak. And remember that before you speak, you think, so, be mindful of that too. Speak positivity daily!

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HML Event


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  Am I the only mom who feels this way sometimes. Mornings are quite a shuffle to me. It’s like it’s not enough time in the day or something. You would think that with 4 kids, I would have mornings all together & it would be a breeze. You would also think that a mom that is so busy, would have it all mapped out. Well… Wrong! So wrong! Unfortunately, I’m learning that the more kids I have, the earlier I really need to get up. And truth be told, I wouldn’t like it!
   As a kid, I can remember stories from my mom about how early they would have to get up and farm before school. I can only imagine what time my grandmother would actually have to be up in order to get all of her children up, farming, fed and then off to school. (I’m guessing before the crack of dawn. #momgoals) Although, I’m not a morning person, I can totally accept the old term, “early bird gets the worm”. You have to be up, be ready, & get prepared for your family & for your day.
  It’s funny that at my age now (30somethingish), things that my mom said or did now makes complete sense in my life now that I’m a mother. (Don’t you just hate when moms are right!) Even the most simple of things like “you should iron your clothes at night &/or for the week”…I’m like, momma what!? But now, as in today, I feel like why haven’t I been taken that advice. Mornings could go a little easier by just making 1 little(big) change. So, that’s my new goal for this year because I hate being unorganized just as much as I hate getting up early. So I am going to work on restructuring my mornings to a much easier process. I will be sure to share some of my ideas, that actually work. But I want to know, how do you make your mornings functional?
What are some of your morning rituals that help you get your day off to a great start? How did it affect your family? Share with us some of your awesome ideas!