25 ways to get organized

While searching for ways to get better organized, I found some really cool but inexpensive ways to get your “LIFE”, organized that is! I really love these great ideas to organize my house. To whomever thought of these, BLESS YA! You are a God sent to us who have no clue and see disorganization as an overwhelming slight manic depression causing disease. Like, I have literally just given up before because it was just too much. So when I saw this I just knew I had to share.


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Sensible Shoppers


Are you curious about extreme couponing and how people save 50% or more on grocery and household items?
Mrs. Aisha Denson, former couponing instructor for the Florida Times Union, is one of the best & my personal favorite at couponing. Let her show you how she went from a $600 a month grocery bill to $200 a month. Register now to attend her upcoming coupon workshop. This class is packed with fun stories, amazing saving tips & couponing ethics…& coupons! Feel free to share with family, friends and co-workers.

To register for this event:

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Banning Sugar In Schools Doesn’t Teach Healthy Habits

4 Mothers

Not that long ago there was some discussion at the neighbourhood school my boys attend, how to greatly reduce the amount of sugar the students were consuming while on the premises.

A naturopathic doctor, also a parent to two young boys, gave a compelling presentation about the health and behaviour benefits to cutting back the white stuff, and successfully riled up the parent population with suggested action items.

I don’t know much, but I do know this: one sure-fire way to ignite controversy and polarize a group is to change-up the status quo.

Back when I was a kid, we’d walk the ten minutes to school in the pouring rain toting our umbrellas and like a growing snowball collect kids along the way and after school we’d knock on doors, ride bikes and play a good old fashioned game of kick the can. Not really, but you get the picture…

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Loving Low-Sugar, Healthy Practices at School

4 Mothers


I was talking with two friends a few months ago about their children’s schools and they said that overall they were happy with them.  Then one woman added:  “Except for all the candy.”

What candy?  She explained that between the children’s birthdays, holiday celebrations, special events, bake sales, fundraisers, and teacher rewards, the kids eat candy at school all the time.  Neither of these women restrict sugar much with their kids; in comparison I’m basically the Sugar Police.  For them to complain means that their kids are getting a lot of it.

I’ve been sheltered from this.  My kids go to an alternative school where there is, for the most part, a shared understanding around treats and sugar.  There is an emphasis on what I think are very healthy snacks for most in-class events, which overall means low or no sugar, fruit-based, often gluten-free, often organic treats.  In this world, I…

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