Kitchen Sparks!🇺🇸

Celebrate this 4th of July holiday with your family, friends, and fun food! To get the sparks flying in your kitchen, check out some pretty cool American flag inspired appetizers, drinks, & sweet treats!


Do you have a favorite holiday dish? Great! We’d love for you to share with us! Send in pictures of some of your amazing American flag inspired dishes or desserts. Photos will be shared on our Facebook page. Get creative, have fun!

#HML xoxo


Wanna Club?

This Friday night is all about the “Club”…sandwhich that is! This copycat Applebee’s Clubhouse Grille Sandwich is the bomb diggety! There is nothing like a homemade sandwhich that you can stack with just about anything your tongue desires. Can’t wait to taste this mouth-watering sandwhich tonight. Enjoy the recipe, let me know how your sandwhich turned out & don’t forget to show me pics. Feel free to share this awesome meal ideal for the whole family & follow us on Pinterest!

#HML xoxo