Fun in the sun

❤When your Granny is your bestie!

Mermaids and beach fun for Memorial day. Nothing like a stress free day filled with fun ☀ and family. We even got to see mating manatees swimming along the shore while visiting Huguenot Park. 




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I’ve always believed that you are your child’s first teacher. Children model what they see at home, first. Learned behavior and beliefs shape who we are. What we believe IS who we are. Behavior is how we act based on what we believe. What we do is a result of what we believe. I guess the questions are: What are we teaching our kids at home? And What did we learn as kids that we are passing down? Or the lack there of. I mean, what can we teach our children that will secure their future and your family’s legacy?
Although I have 4 children, with the oldest being 17 and youngest 5, I found that children learn from when what you say and do mirrors one to another. As I grew up, I remember the saying, “Do as I say not what I do”. As a kid that meant just do what I say, but if you see me do something wrong just bypass that and remember what was said instead. Now! As a woman with kids and family of my own, I realize that that statement has caused me all kinds of confusion. At this point in my life I’m still coming to terms with a lot of things that I saw and knew was wrong but was told on the other hand what was right and I “should” do that. I have definetly thrown away that misconception of a myth that was passed down. I want what I say to be lived out as what I do. I want my kids to know that if I say it, my actions will back that up. For example, if I say don’t drink and drink…naturally I won’t be a person who drinks and drive because I first believe its wrong, I know its wrong, law supports its wrong, therefore, my actions will mirror my beliefs. Basically, we have to start practicing what we preach to our children. We have to lead solely by example. And be mindful of the things we allow our children to be exposed to. Because those things can allow contamination of our children. Children are more aware of what you do, then what you say. They are always watching and can’t wait for a moment to act like you. Children admire their parents, whether good or bad. Let’s be better teachers of life than the streets, blogs, videos, music, T.V., social media outlets and so on.

Are you leaving a legacy? Let’s talk about it.

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Science on the St. Johns River


This Saturday, October 24th 10am- 2pm is Science on the St. Johns River. It’s FREE for ages 18 & under. Lots of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! Get out & enjoy some River fun this fall! Get more details with Fun 4 First Coast kids. Don’t forget to rsvp!

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Free for Kids


On November 1st some of Jacksonville’s greatest attractions will allow free entry for children 12 and under, with a paying adult! How cool is that! We are so excited! There are lots of family fun adventures in Jax this November. Some participating attractions include, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Museum of Science & History, MOCA Jacksonville, Sweet Pete’s Candy, Adventure Landing and more! Visit Fun 4 first Coast Kids to see more participating attractions. #ilovejax



  Am I the only mom who feels this way sometimes. Mornings are quite a shuffle to me. It’s like it’s not enough time in the day or something. You would think that with 4 kids, I would have mornings all together & it would be a breeze. You would also think that a mom that is so busy, would have it all mapped out. Well… Wrong! So wrong! Unfortunately, I’m learning that the more kids I have, the earlier I really need to get up. And truth be told, I wouldn’t like it!
   As a kid, I can remember stories from my mom about how early they would have to get up and farm before school. I can only imagine what time my grandmother would actually have to be up in order to get all of her children up, farming, fed and then off to school. (I’m guessing before the crack of dawn. #momgoals) Although, I’m not a morning person, I can totally accept the old term, “early bird gets the worm”. You have to be up, be ready, & get prepared for your family & for your day.
  It’s funny that at my age now (30somethingish), things that my mom said or did now makes complete sense in my life now that I’m a mother. (Don’t you just hate when moms are right!) Even the most simple of things like “you should iron your clothes at night &/or for the week”…I’m like, momma what!? But now, as in today, I feel like why haven’t I been taken that advice. Mornings could go a little easier by just making 1 little(big) change. So, that’s my new goal for this year because I hate being unorganized just as much as I hate getting up early. So I am going to work on restructuring my mornings to a much easier process. I will be sure to share some of my ideas, that actually work. But I want to know, how do you make your mornings functional?
What are some of your morning rituals that help you get your day off to a great start? How did it affect your family? Share with us some of your awesome ideas!