Am I the only mom who feels this way sometimes. Mornings are quite a shuffle to me. It’s like it’s not enough time in the day or something. You would think that with 4 kids, I would have mornings all together & it would be a breeze. You would also think that a mom that is so busy, would have it all mapped out. Well… Wrong! So wrong! Unfortunately, I’m learning that the more kids I have, the earlier I really need to get up. And truth be told, I wouldn’t like it!
   As a kid, I can remember stories from my mom about how early they would have to get up and farm before school. I can only imagine what time my grandmother would actually have to be up in order to get all of her children up, farming, fed and then off to school. (I’m guessing before the crack of dawn. #momgoals) Although, I’m not a morning person, I can totally accept the old term, “early bird gets the worm”. You have to be up, be ready, & get prepared for your family & for your day.
  It’s funny that at my age now (30somethingish), things that my mom said or did now makes complete sense in my life now that I’m a mother. (Don’t you just hate when moms are right!) Even the most simple of things like “you should iron your clothes at night &/or for the week”…I’m like, momma what!? But now, as in today, I feel like why haven’t I been taken that advice. Mornings could go a little easier by just making 1 little(big) change. So, that’s my new goal for this year because I hate being unorganized just as much as I hate getting up early. So I am going to work on restructuring my mornings to a much easier process. I will be sure to share some of my ideas, that actually work. But I want to know, how do you make your mornings functional?
What are some of your morning rituals that help you get your day off to a great start? How did it affect your family? Share with us some of your awesome ideas!



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