Training Day

Oh the dreadful days of training day…potty training that is! That’s right, for a first time mom this can be a very dreadful …or should I say stressful day. For me, I know I had more poop to clean up from the floor or my baby’s butt than I did dumping the potty. OMG! If that moment didn’t make you a mommy, I don’t know what could have. Potty training days should be called mommy training. It was definetly a humbling experience & I would do it all over again…I did it 4 times for sure!
Now, here’s a most common question I hear: Which is more easier to train? Boys? Or girls? Or here’s another: What age should you start to potty train?
Well for me, having three boys & one girl, my boys were easier but they were a lot messier and all over the place but it did happen at a  much faster rate. My boys very quickly learned the process of not peeing themselves so, wherever we would be & they had to go…they were unashamed to just whip it out & go! Now, of course I felt most of the shame but was completely okay with not having to handle wet & messy undies in public. And I will say that having more than one boy made it really easier for the next one because they were able to learn from their brother (or dad)by watching, instead of mommy trying to demonstrate. I would say it took a few weeks to a month to fully train  my boys.
    My daughter had a much lengthy process (about 2 months) simply due to a little stubborness (I believe she just didn’t want to…go unless she wanted to…go) but it was a much cleaner process. I would have to clean her repeated during her “poop sessions”. She doesn’t like being dirty AT ALL…lol she was my lil Potty diva!
   Deciding what age to begin potty training your baby, I believe is essentially up to you. As a mom, you will know when your baby is ready for any transition or stages of growth. And usually, when you began to question when you should began…its usually your mom radar! And we all know, diapers don’t get no cheaper!   However, I do also believe that the earlier the better. Getting a late start can be a more stressful time for both mom & toddler. Mom wants baby to get it faster because they are older & baby doesn’t want to focus because it’s not that important if they can just go in their pull-up.
Instead of me buying pull ups, I began buying undies/panties in their favorite characters and asked them very seriously not to wet their friends. Now this may not work for you but feel free to try it.
I would love to hear some of your potty training ideas! Share some of your memorable potty training stories with us. Email, tweet or comment below. What age did you began potty training? Was it easier with boys vs girls? We want to know!

#HML xoxo


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