Valentine dilemma? Spice up your day for less

So Valentine’s day has arrived and it happens to be on the weeks most busiest night this year, Friday! So what are your plans? …Waiting in long lines buying last minute expensive gifts? Or chocolates that no one ever eats? Or waiting around for hours for a table to dine at some crowed restaurant. So much for having a memorable Valentine Day with your sweetie.
That’s how my Valentine used to be because I thought it was romantic. These days I’m learning to be a bit more attentive to what our actual needs & wants are. And my husband & I both agree that we love each other & we would rather have a quiet night alone. (Hey, we have 4 kids!) Time is very important to us, especially without distractions.
   I’m usually a last minute shopper when it comes to my husband, he’s picky to say the least. Here are just a few last minute ideas you can do with & for your sweetie.
* Breakfast in bed is always good, with a side of loving. (He’s sure to have a great day)
*A nice picnic for lunch, bring champagne to toast. ( Give lots of kisses)
* A nice candlelight dinner at home. ( Dress sexy ladies & wear heels…Thank me later!)
Actually if you combine all three of my suggestions you won’t need to buy a gift & you both will have a very memorable Valentine’s day.

Until next time
Xoxo ~ Shar

XoXo….Shar Stewart


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