#HML: #SelfCheck

Every now and then, more often than not, I believe that everyone should just take a moment and do a self-check. I mean really sit back, go in deep thought about who you are, where you are, where you going, & where you want to go. Those thoughts should bring out some interesting things you didn’t believe about yourself. Begin to jot those things down because you are going to need them everyday until you have convinced yourself that ALL things are possible. You may be in a dark place right now but won’t cost you anything to take a self-check moment. Sometimes, instead of blaming others or even depending or even waiting on others to give you affirmations of self worth, you have to just stand up and tell YOU who YOU are!
Sometimes as wives, mothers and single moms too, we forget how great we are and how much we actually do! I mean. We can give birth! That’s Amazing! We wear many different titles as women and often times we get lost in the shuffle because the many roles we have as women becomes second nature to us. So in essence, we don’t feel like we’re beautiful, because we should be or we don’t feel like we have purpose other than taking care of a baby or home because we should do it anyway. Ok! Stop! < insert Self-check moment here> Remember those items you were to jot down? See I told you we would need them everyday.

Here are some daily affirmations to check yourself with:
I am Beautiful. I am special. I am chosen. I am different. I have purpose. I am brilliant. I have the power inside of me to succeed.

Feel free to add to this and share. Some women don’t know who they are. ~ Shar

Until next time,


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