…I love my girlfriends!

Its always a good time when I’m with my girlfriends. We laugh, we dance, we eat (at the most random places when JW picks), throw lots of shade! & sometimes a bottle or 4 goes missing in the course of a night.
We never judge each others past or present but we definitely encourage each others future. We have all been through things & experienced life totally different but couldn’t be more comparable to one another. I guess this is my way to let my friends know that I appreciate their friendship & respect who they are individually.
It’s hard to find good friends these days. Especially friends you can trust. I remember my mom told me “make sure you choose your friends carefully because everybody is not your friend” (although this was in reference to who was allowed to come inside her house to play) I still held on to that, even now. Everyone is not allowed to come over & “play”. It’s like my pastors taught me as well, you have to “Qualify” to be in my life. Glad to know I qualified for their lives as well. 😉 Take time to really assess the ones you call friends & be sure that they qualify in your life. Know for sure that they are not there to just make withdrawals from the friendship. Have standards when qualifying your friends. Don’t be afraid to let go of those who don’t mean you any good. Its for your own good. Surround yourself with positive people who love & care for you.
…I love my Girlfriends!

~ xoxo Shar

XoXo….Shar Stewart


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