Momma, I’m clean?


Showerhead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a mother of three boys, I’m noticing that once boys reach a certain age of awareness, they absolutely hate being clean! Why is it boys don’t like to be clean? Am I the only mom who has to fight with her boys during bath time? My boys will go so far as to turn the shower on, close the door & never get in the shower. My 10-year-old gets in the shower, wets the front & hurry out! Or they take what I call “a no soap needed bath.” They get in & out in about 2 minutes tops! Water only, NO SOAP! My teen just feels like he can just skip a few showers a week. He throws on cologne and scented deodorant and thinks he’s fine. Spring Break he stayed at my mom’s house & she let him go without cleaning until he couldn’t take it no more himself. After about the third day, he was calling me to bring his favorite body wash that he likes. My 5 yr old decided he’s old enough to bathe himself now but he prefers to play rather than bathe. He thinks just sitting long enough in the tub would actually clean him. He says to me, “momma, I’m clean? That usually ends with me or my husband having to do it ourselves to make sure he’s clean. So I now have to actually monitor their shower and bath times. I stand by the door of their bathroom or bedroom and do various test like sniffing the arm pits and checking around for dry areas to make sure they’re cleaning properly. Although that doesn’t always work. Bottom-line, they just hate taking baths! Is this just a phase that boys go through? How do you get your boys, or kids for the matter, to want to take a bath?


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