Ladies, Spring has Sprung!!!

Moms, when you think of spring, you think of fascinating soft colors, the cutest little dresses, shimmering lipsticks, and yes…spring cleaning!!! I know you’re probably thinking…spring cleaning! UGH! Well me too. But I’ve learned to accept the popular saying that “it’s out with the old & in with the new”. Change can be good. Change is good. Change is what you make it to be! Just think. Fashionably you are going from boots to wedges. Jeans & sweaters to cute dresses. So ladies it’s time to gather up those winter blues & make room for colorful hues!

How you look is simply how you feel. I can attest for that. Some days I just don’t bother dressing up & looking fab, But I usually don’t feel that way as well. Let’s make pact to try & look our best so we can feel our best. Now, if you’re a mother of two or more children, I can agree that looking your best doesn’t mean breaking your husbands bank account. Get out & shop around. Here are some tips to being a money saving, fashion maven HAUTE MOM. 

  • You will find some great items at places like local your local thrift stores, garage sales, & consignment shops. They great vintage pieces at incredibly great prices to fit you fashion budget.
  • Department stores like, Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx have designer clothing at a great cost.
  • Don’t shop for complete outfits…buy pieces to complete your wardrobe.
  • To save, always check the clearance racks, sales paper, & search for coupons.

Food for thought: The same rule of thumb applies to your home as well. Your home will feel good, if it looks good. You can use the same tips when looking for items that will improve the overall look & feel of your home.

Now go! Have some fun & make life beautiful!!!



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