Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!

Momma’s!!! The holidays can mean so many things. I just wanted to encourage you through this busy time of year. Take this time to focus on self and family preservation. Cherish the memories and moments spent with those you love. Remember to protect your peace and preserve your space. Love you Hautemoms!!! And see you all in 2018!!!

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Lost in Motherhood: Where are you? (part 1)

I’ve written this first line several times and hit backspace several times. The truth is, I have questions myself, like, What do I say? Where do I start? I have started, stopped, re-started, re-thought, re-planned, re-focused, gave up, gained perspective and still couldn’t pull myself to set out to do the things for myself that I needed to do. I find myself trying to find balance everyday. Trying to find the perfect moment to write, to think, to progress, to plan, to do. Often times I simply try and run so far from this blog and my business but I can’t seem to let this go. It’s like there’s a mission that I must accomplish.

The pass few years since starting this blog and brand, my life has been one big world wind of various situations that I found myself (and my husband) in. And although physically I survived these situations, it seems that, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally I haven’t been the best at sustaining myself in those areas. Some days I wake up and I’m ready to take on the world. And then there are some days I just don’t want to face the world. And then there are days where I’m mad at the universe because my stars haven’t aligned. Most days I walk around stuck in between thoughts of business, motherhood, and self preservation amongst other things. I do know that often times I find myself at the mercy of others and what they need. Not to detour here but I absolutely love helping other people, that in essence helps me. And you can quote me on that! I seem to thrive off of helping others. Which brings me back to the whole point of this…Why I started this blog. And Why can’t I just let go of fear and just do what I’m passionate about and be happy expressing myself.

I remember as a little girl I would always “run my mouth” ( per my mom) but that was often met with little words like, “don’t pay her attention , she just talking” or “stop talking so much”, especially in school. By the time I got out of school, I had developed a slight discipline to only speak when spoken to, and to not speak/talk so much, especially around people I don’t know. Fast forward to today, I’m often quite shy and fearful. I have a hard time meeting new people and developing relationships through shared conversations. I went from being the kid who loved to win debates in class, to an adult who often hides from situations that requires talking and sharing difference of opinions. And just to keep it real, there are family members who would debate this because yes, around them, I am a talker! And with a wide range of opinions, most times unsolicited! But that’s family! I want to finally be able to share and be myself, not who others think I am suppose to be. I can only be motivated and inspired so many times to step out on faith and just keep going, so this time around I am going to give my all to being the best version of me no matter how many flaws, fears, and tears I have to share. No matter what I go through or went through in life thus far, I believe that there is a greater purpose to living and learning in your truth. And I hope that by doing so, I am able to inspire other moms to live their truth and love who they are and what they have. There is so much more to motherhood and I’m looking forward to this long but loving journey. I now look forward to really connecting with other moms who may share the same daily woes and struggles as I have. Being a woman and a mother is not easy, I totally underestimated as a child, what being a woman and mother is all about. Is motherhood a life you could really prepare for?  How do you find yourself when you feel lost in motherhood? As I explore this, stay tuned there’s more to come.

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Fun in the sun

❤When your Granny is your bestie!

Mermaids and beach fun for Memorial day. Nothing like a stress free day filled with fun ☀ and family. We even got to see mating manatees swimming along the shore while visiting Huguenot Park. 




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Beauty: Skin Craze 

This just in! We are so excited to partner with our newest beauty expert Kay Sylvain of Skin Craze Beautyque! Kay is an amazing mother of 2 and business owner in Jacksonville, Fl.  Skin Craze is an luxurious skin care spa offering services from facials, waxing, body slimming and eyelashes and more! 

We really couldn’t be more excited in bringing you the best in beauty and the best in motherhood. As we kick off this fun new partnership, Skin Craze has created the ultimate Mother’s day gift basket. Filled with all sorts of beauty blessings in a basket. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of ageless beauty. 

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Happy Mother’s Day from Hautemom Lifestyle™ and Skin Craze™! 

Xoxo ❤

I’ve always believed that you are your child’s first teacher. Children model what they see at home, first. Learned behavior and beliefs shape who we are. What we believe IS who we are. Behavior is how we act based on what we believe. What we do is a result of what we believe. I guess the questions are: What are we teaching our kids at home? And What did we learn as kids that we are passing down? Or the lack there of. I mean, what can we teach our children that will secure their future and your family’s legacy?
Although I have 4 children, with the oldest being 17 and youngest 5, I found that children learn from when what you say and do mirrors one to another. As I grew up, I remember the saying, “Do as I say not what I do”. As a kid that meant just do what I say, but if you see me do something wrong just bypass that and remember what was said instead. Now! As a woman with kids and family of my own, I realize that that statement has caused me all kinds of confusion. At this point in my life I’m still coming to terms with a lot of things that I saw and knew was wrong but was told on the other hand what was right and I “should” do that. I have definetly thrown away that misconception of a myth that was passed down. I want what I say to be lived out as what I do. I want my kids to know that if I say it, my actions will back that up. For example, if I say don’t drink and drink…naturally I won’t be a person who drinks and drive because I first believe its wrong, I know its wrong, law supports its wrong, therefore, my actions will mirror my beliefs. Basically, we have to start practicing what we preach to our children. We have to lead solely by example. And be mindful of the things we allow our children to be exposed to. Because those things can allow contamination of our children. Children are more aware of what you do, then what you say. They are always watching and can’t wait for a moment to act like you. Children admire their parents, whether good or bad. Let’s be better teachers of life than the streets, blogs, videos, music, T.V., social media outlets and so on.

Are you leaving a legacy? Let’s talk about it.

Xoxo 💋


DivaTress Hair: Vivica A. Fox Wigs

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Today I am totally celebrating what I’d like to call “Wigsday Wednesday!” Why, you ask? It’s partly due to the fact that its the middle of the last week of the month. I’m super busy with the kids, school and sports. With running a business, among other things, a dedicated “wigsday” don’t seem like such a bad idea. I mean, a bad hair day is the last thing I need while I’m out conquering the world. 💃🌍

So in your quest of finding the perfect wig, and by perfect I mean quality, style, and affordablility, there is one company that has proven to offer a variety of wigs for every type of woman, everyday.

Divatress is leading the way in beauty e-commerce offering thousands of wigs and products. My favorite wigs I found on the website were the Vivica Fox Wigs line. The line was inspired by the many looks of Ms. Vivica A. Fox. It definitely speaks to the personality of “I’m every woman”!  From lace front wigs to high pony tails. This line has it all to choose from. I even found a few for my mom! Hey… Mother’s Day is around the corner! Just saying! Great gift idea alert! 😄

Whether you are looking to be fashionable, working out, business meetings, or even around the house and running mommy errands, you can simple say 💁 “girl bye”, to another bad hair day… when you have the world 🌍 to conquer! Visit the site and find your inner Diva for those bad hair days. Now go forth and SLAY Hautemom!

Xoxo HML

( Vivica is wearing the Alexa, Model 1 is wearing Dionne, Model 2 is wearing Tulip)

How do you get through bad hair days?